Cole Anderson Turning Dirt Racing Hobby Into Another Successful Venture

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Cole Anderson Turning Dirt Racing Hobby Into Another Successful Venture

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NORTHFIELD, MN (Aug. 7, 2018) – Last Saturday night in Minnesota, much like hundreds of other locations across the country, fans gathered at their local dirt track to see area heroes race one another to determine who was king for the week. For Cole Anderson, it was more than just a trip to the dirt track, it was the culimination of effort for a very tight-knit team.

“I buy everything myself and do all the work on it,” Anderson said, referring to his WISSOTA midwest modified which he raced at three different dirt tracks last weekend. “It’s just me and my girlfriend that show up to the track so it’s a pretty special thing for us.”

On Saturday, Cole competed at Deer Creek Speedway just southeast of his home in Northfield, Minnesota. The track is nationally-known for hosting the IMCA-sanctioned Harris Clash this year plus the annual USMTS Fall Jamboree which concludes the modified touring series’ season.

The Saturday night visit to the track was the third of three consecutive nights of racing for the couple who travel to various tracks across the region when Cole is not away racing in the high-pressure world of asphalt pro and super late models. This night was unlike any other night on the dirt racing calendar for Cole, as he picked up a win in his preliminary heat race and earned the right to start up front in the feature.

“We got a really good draw in the heat and started second, then won the heat and started on the pole for the feature,” the driver of the No. 97 modified explained. “Last time we raced at Deer Creek, we didn’t even make the main event. We made a bunch of changes on the car after Friday night’s race and they all worked out perfectly.”

Anderson quickly jumped out to the lead in the race, but multiple caution flags kept competitors banging on his back bumper throughout the evening. Following the final restart of the night, he pulled away from the fierce racing behind him to claim his first career dirt modified win.

“It was pretty big,” Cole recalled about the evening he shared with his girlfriend and other friends through social media and celebrations. “Deer Creek is a really hard place to win because there are tons of good cars and usually over 30 show up while only 22 start the features. Everything worked out and we were able to check out once the race went green.”

Cole will take a break from his dirt racing hobby next weekend as he once again ventures south to compete in an asphalt pro late model for ATF & Gunslinger, the same team he’s captured two wins with in their last three starts together. Saturday’s race takes place at Montgomery Motor Speedway in Alabama, a large half-mile track where speed and handling are both at a premium.

For more information and the latest updates about Cole Anderson visit his website at He can also be found on social media such as Facebook (@ColeAndersonRacing), Twitter (@Cole_Anderson97) and Instagram (@Cole_Anderson97).